Welcome to GregThompson.info, I’m glad you’ve taken the time to visit. The aim of this site is to share what God has taught me and proven to me through many trials and victories.

Recent Thoughts

  • Step Two!

  • “It’s difficult to reach up your hands to Heaven and then doubt His willingness to reach into your life.”

  • Perfectly Supernatural

  • Jesus’ disciples were in danger of sinking in the middle of a fierce storm and Jesus was not only capable of walking on the water, but he could also speak to the wind and command it to stop!

  • God Can See Around Corners

  • “Don’t leave yourself vulnerable, absolutely believe in the supernatural.”

  • When Bad Things Happen

  • “Bad things can happen in every day life, but God ‘s plan is that you are delivered from all evil every time.”

  • 20 Steps to a Failed Marriage

  • If you don’t want your marriage to succeed, follow these simple steps!