About Greg

Who is Greg Thompson?

I became a Christian during my teens and over three decades have had careers in both sport and corporate business. The youngest of eight children with a significant age gap between me and the rest, I know what it is like to grow up in a crowded environment and yet live the lifestyle of an only-child. I was ordained in my twenties, lectured in Bible college for six years and have pastored, planted and or supported a number of churches while still working to help pay the bills. I have gone through great challenges, been healed of incurable medical conditions, enjoyed great successes and “grew up” through a bunch of failures. Giving all thanks to The Lord Jesus Christ I am half way through life. I train as hard as I did when I was half my age and I’m absolutely convinced that the second half is going to eclipse the first. I passionately believe that the best is yet to come for everyone who is waiting on His coming!

What is GregThompson.info?

“GregThompson.info” is a website which is all about having Intimacy, kNowledge, Faith, and Obedience in your relationship with The Lord Jesus Christ. God in-turn will enable you to walk in the miraculous, live victoriously day to day, believing for and receiving His best. No matter how far your circumstances try to put you down or hold you down, your walk with God has the answer. There is an answer to every question, there is a way forward in every situation and there is a move of God (paid for by Christ) to provide a miracle for every mess. Purpose your heart to get I.N.F.O right and the rest will fall right into place.