Business Development

The worst thing about bad habits – they have a bad habit of turning up at the worst time.

Improving is a process, not a one off success. Look around you, for there are signs and signals constantly coming your way, showing you how to be better at whatever it is you have to do.

There is nothing wrong with getting things wrong, but there is everything wrong with not learning from it.

Set an internal alert system that will go off when old bad habits start to interfere with good practice. If you are ever going to develop yourself in business, you must understand your own personality; what comes easy, what comes hard and what doesn’t come at all.

Excel at what you are good at. Develop and train yourself in what you need to achieve. And get rid of what simply doesn’t work for you.

Example: Some of the best account managers you could ever meet find it very difficult to actually sell. Some of the best sales people you will ever encounter have no interest in managing anything other than a paid invoice. One is not better than the other, just know which one you are best at.

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