Plans, Plans, Plans

“For I know what I have planned for you … plans to prosper you not to harm you … plans to give you a future filled with hope”

(Jeremiah 29:11)

Your enemy, Satan, wants you to believe that you are aimlessly drifting, missing the mark and missing out. The reality couldn’t be more different. In every moment, for every Christian, the King of glory and the Lord of all the earth is constantly directing, tirelessly perfecting and always protecting.

From the moment Matthias did not get picked to be one of the twelve disciples, he was on a countdown to the day that he would replace Judas and be appointed an Apostle.

From the moment that John Mark blew it by deserting Paul and Barnabas, he was on a countdown to becoming Paul’s right hand man.

From the moment that Peter denied Christ he was on a countdown to becoming the gospel’s first great witness. Peter literally went from making a mess to planting a church of over 3000 people with one sermon.

Don’t be discouraged by disappointment, don’t faint at failure, or panic because of pressure. None of these things take God by surprise. God had made plans to handle whatever you are going through before it happened. He has planned a way through it to keep you advancing despite it and has not changed His plans for you because of it.

You are a planned, planned, planned person! God knows every detail of those plans; they are filled with blessing, accomplishment and achievement. In every area there is a perfect “end game” that God is sovereignly leading you towards.


Where you end up depends on when you didn’t give up!

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