Cruise Control

“Faith is the cruise control in all of our lives. When you pace your life on the constant of faith, your life will constantly fall into place.”

You are driving along the motorway with cruise control on. What happens is quite remarkable.

FIRSTLY, you begin to notice how erratic everybody’s driving really is. They fly past you and then slow down. With your constant speed you inevitably pass them again. This can be repeated with the same driver several times.

SECONDLY, you notice that when climbing a hill your car automatically speeds up; to compensate for the “mountain” that you are ascending. It ensures that you do not loose any ground or fall behind on your timetable.

THIRDLY, as you speed down a hill, low and behold, your cruise control slows you down to the intended and predetermined speed. It makes sure that you do not get ahead of yourself or go so fast that you are in danger of getting prosecuted.

Cruise control is the perfect example of faith in operation:

FAITH keeps you going forward at the speed God has set for you, not allowing the discouragement of others who are going faster, or the disillusionment of some falling behind, to affect or derail you.

FAITH automatically kicks in and increases when the going gets tough or the mountain before you gets too steep. It does not ignore the gradient, rather it tackles it head on and instantly ups the pace so that there are no delays or mistakes in your walk and call.

FAITH is just as powerful in enabling a believer to slow down when things start moving too fast. It gives Christians the ability to not get carried away and stay within the “law” of God, not compromising God’s plan or ignoring the limits and standards He has set.

When you have faith that God is your source, you can afford to be generous in forgiving and blessing others (Mathew 7:11-12).

When you have faith, you won’t allow the highs and lows of daily life to rule your emotions or dictate your trust in God (Proverbs 3:5-6; Psalm 31:32).

When you have faith, you wont compromise your walk or testimony just to get an opportunity to improve your prospects (Psalm 37:23).

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