What’s The Word?

“At the heart of any matter you must discover what God’s word says about what matters.”

“Your word is a lamp unto my feet, and a light unto my path” (Psalm 119:105).

The word of God is the “final word” on everything that matters. It is not a reference point, an additional consideration, or an after thought. In every situation, the final decision, position and viewpoint must be based on a firm and clear scriptural foundation.

God’s word is a “lamp” because everything outside it is darkness and deception. It is a “light” or “guide” because everything beyond it is double minded, carnal and self-willed.

Be in no doubt, our text reveals that the Bible covers every aspect and eventuality in life. In fact, everything from your next step and what God has planned for you is accounted for in scripture. Find out what God’s word says about the things that matter to you.


If you haven’t found the promise you cannot believe it.

If it does not transform you, then you have not read it right.

If it does not come first, then don’t blame God if you come last.

Read:  Romans 10:17; Psalms 1:2-3; 37:31

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