Pushing Hard

When I’m lifting weights in the gym and I know that I’m reaching my limit, I grip the bar tighter than ever, scream at the inner-voice telling me to stop, and win, loose or draw I go for another repetition. The issue is not about whether I succeed, but rather making sure that I finish on my terms.

Knowing you didn’t hold back is one of the greatest feelings in sport; when you have broken your fear of failure it won’t be long before you achieve your best performance. Learning to push hard whenever you really want to pack up, puts a steel in your character that will impact every area of your fitness and your life.

Grip the bar tighter, take on that inner voice and push hard. No matter what comes next, at that moment, you have come first.


In life, if the exercise or situation requires it, make sure you have got a spotter…one who knows what they are doing to help you in your time of need!

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