Every Angle Covered

“Imagine if there is more to forgiveness than you have ever been taught.”

Imagine forgiveness doing more than you ever thought.

Imagine if there was more to forgiveness than you have ever been taught.

Imagine if God’s plan was to remove the effects of sin at a level that even deals with things that others have done.

1st John 1:9 tells us that God not only forgives sin but also cleanses from ALL unrighteousness. In short, the power of forgiveness is not just about getting a pardon for specific sins but includes deliverance from the impact of mistakes, bad decisions and wrong turns. But the story doesn’t even end there. Verse 9 refers to “all unrighteousness” which, by definition, must include the impact caused by the sinful actions of other people.

You are not just forgiven of your sins; you are cleansed from ALL unrighteousness! Whatever way you have been hurt, whatever pain, anger or frustration you have been left struggling to manage, cry out to God and He will remove the “unrighteousness” of it. That is, He will remove the influence and power of it completely out of your life.

Becoming a new person in Christ means that you are free from the sin that separates you from God, forgiven for the sin you have committed against others, and free from the sins others have committed against yourself. Truly, he who the Son sets free is free indeed (John 8:36)


You cannot have a “good enough day” to earn a miracle, so stop trying!

Depend totally on Christ’s grace, love and mercy.


Read:  Matthew 7:7; Mark 11:24

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