That’s Just Life

Good, bad, average, poor, excellent, satisfactory … and on and on it goes. Isn’t that just life? Something good happens followed by something average or disappointing or vice versa! It’s enough to rattle anyone’s nerves.

In Mark 5:22-36 Jairus has come to Christ desperate for His help. The Lord has agreed to go with him. Jairus is excited and his faith is rising. Then a woman with an issue of blood delays Christ and Jairus’ blood pressure begins to rise. Suddenly the woman is miraculously healed right in front of him and Jairus’ heart is filled with faith and hope once again. Then, just when he is about to get Christ walking in the right direction, men from his “church” arrive and tell him his daughter is dead. He is too late.

The man who had loudly and openly compelled the Lord Jesus in verse 23 is stunned into silence. The roller coaster of life had hit an all-time low. He was numb with shock and felt sick in his heart on hearing the devastating news, when moments before he had been filled with hope.

The good news is, whether it is a good day, bad day or an ordinary day, Christ has not lost control. He is still in charge and what happens next is His to decide. The Lord Jesus Christ is saying to you that no matter what life has thrown at you, you’re never beyond the point of no return. Things might be different from yesterday, this morning or an hour ago, but He is the same yesterday, today and forever (Hebrews 13:8).

Remember, He literally brought Jairus’ little girl back from the dead. Even when you feel punch drunk from the changing circumstances around you, His words are as true for you as they were for Jairus, “Be not afraid, only believe”.

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