When Bad Things Happen

“Bad things can happen in every day life, but God ‘s plan is that you are delivered from all evil every time.”

Life experience teaches us that accidents, unplanned and unwelcome incidents happen. The strange thing is that the Bible teaches exactly the same, but with one life changing difference: God’s word declares that even when trouble suddenly interrupts our lives, God’s hand will not only preserve you from the obvious, but will also deliver you from ALL of the hidden dangers and “evils” that trouble may bring.

Definition: Evil is the worst possible outcome; the thing you fear the most. It turns trouble into tragedy and bullies you into doubting God.

It is time to understand the Biblical perspective:

(1) Make a determination that your heart will not be intimidated by very bad news (Psalm 112:7).

(2) Understand that the Lord Jesus Christ actually instructs you to pray for and expect deliverance from evil (Matthew 6:13). It is the expressed will of Christ that evil is not allowed to rule in your life.

(3) Be absolutely certain that God will answer every request found in the Lord’s prayer, including complete deliverance from evil (Matthew 6:13). The Apostle John reveals that if we pray anything according to God’s will, He will hear that prayer and answer that prayer (1 John 1:14-15).

In short, it is God’s will that you be delivered from evil. Christ instructs you to pray for this deliverance as part of your normal prayer life and John emphasises that this prayer will be answered! Bad things can happen, evil tidings may come but every Christian has a mandate from Christ to pray and be delivered from every evil outcome.

Read: Romans 8:28, Psalms 31:22; 38:11-15; Matthew 6:31-34; 7:7-12.

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