Perfectly Supernatural

Jesus “mysteriously / miraculously” passed right through the middle of an angry mob fully intent on murdering him. Quite simply, He walked right passed them and left them standing. Did He disappear like Philip in Acts 8:39-40 after witnessing to the Ethiopian eunuch? Were their eyes blinded like the men of Sodom (Genesis 19:11) or Bar-Jesus as accounted in Acts 13:6-12? We don’t know for sure, but what we do know is that The Lord was caught between a shear cliff and viscous lynch mob and He “passing through the midst of them and went His way” (Luke 4:30)

Jesus’ disciples were in danger of sinking in the middle of a fierce storm and Jesus was not only capable of walking on the water, but he could also speak to the wind and command it to stop!

(Matthew 14:22-33; Mark 4:35-41)

Jesus not only knew that people were demon possessed, but he knew the type of demon and how many were actually in or oppressing a person.

(Luke 13:11-16- note verses 11-12; 16)

Jesus commanded a fish to bring him money.

(Matthew 17:27)

Jesus knew the thoughts of His enemies.

(Matthew 12:24-25)

Jesus predicted the future repeatedly.

(Luke 22:34; 60-61. Mark 8:31)

Christ walked in the power of the supernatural in every aspect, area and stage of His ministry. If you ignore the obvious don’t expect the miraculous. That said, never become so practical that you forget just how powerful your God really is!

If you have tried your best to get things right but things are literally getting worse at every turn, do not despair. God cannot fail you. However, as with Daniel, He may decide to supernaturally intervene when you are already inside the lions’ den. At the point when you can smell, see and hear just how vicious your enemy is: “the king commanded, and they brought Daniel, and threw him into the den of lions”, God can intervene as he did with Daniel for the next day we read: “Daniel said to the king … My God sent his angel [during the night], and shut the lions’ mouths. They did not hurt me” (Daniel 6:16-22).

Remember, whatever you are facing and whatever needs to happen, God will not let you down. Even if you need a miraculous, supernatural and last minute intervention, His timing will be perfect and so will the result.


If God seems to be delaying in answering your prayer, it is only because His deliverance involves more than you think. What happened after the lions’ den? Not only was Daniel saved and given full liberty to worship, but the King was convinced of the one true God, Daniel’s enemies were wiped out, and the whole nation had to honour Daniel’s God!

May God be “supernaturally late” more often!

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